Springtime Homeschooling!

Today is one of those amazing spring days where the sky is so blue, everything is green and blooming, and the temperature is just right! …

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Favorite Subjects

My son is reading, which is super exciting! He can read books, billboards, and even my texts! Haha! He’s also learning how to add and subtract, …

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The importance of community

“I have always found it important to be around others—to have a community of friends who can support me when things get tough, who are …

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Tough Days

Some days are just tough, life happens, and homeschool does not go as planned.  I knew we would have those days, I just didn’t think they …

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Getting Ready!

I went to the store today and began stocking up on school supplies. I absolutely love buying new paper, pens, crayons, paints etc.. There’s just …

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State Requirements

I had a few questions recently about what I have to turn into the state to show how well my son is doing in school, …

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